Activities - Flying & Gliding


Once you have been 'enrolled' as a cadet on 233 Squadron you will be given the opportunity to take part in Gliding Induction Courses (GIC) that will teach you the basics of Gliding.


Gliding is provided by 637 Volunteer Gliding Squadron at RAF Little Rissington. 637 Squadron uses the Vigiliant T1 Motor Glider.


Once a Cadet has completed all 3 GICs they can apply to attend a Gliding Scholarship which will provide a greater level of training as well as possibly allow the cadet to fly solo!




As a cadet you will also be given the opportunity to take part in Air Experience Flying (AEF), usually at least once a year.


AEF is provided by the University of Birmingham Air Squadron at RAF Cosford. The Squadron uses the Tutor T1 Aircraft.


Cadets who show an apptitude for Flying can apply at a later stage for a Flying Scholarship with the RAF in order to develop with piloting abilities further.


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